November 13th-14th, 2021


About HackHolyoke

HackHolyoke is a 24-hour hackathon run by students at Mount Holyoke College. This year’s event will take place digitally on November 13-14, 2021, so you can hack and attend workshops from wherever you may be! We set ourselves apart by striving for (and consistently achieving!) a 1:1 gender ratio and welcoming college-student hackers from all levels. Our aim is to shatter any misconceptions about STEM fields and to celebrate diversity in these fields through creating an inclusive environment for anyone regardless of gender, racial, or academic background.

Students will have the opportunity to create amazing projects and showcase their work to a panel of judges. They can attend inspiring talks and innovative workshops, join in on fun activities, and have the chance to win exclusive prizes.


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Best Remote Health Hack
We are so used to living in a global pandemic for the past 2 years that we sometimes forget about other health issues resulting from our changing lifestyle. A lot of these health issues can, indeed, be very serious. What can you do to help better others’ physical or mental health during this crazy time?
Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones
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Best Organization/Scheduling Hack
Life is always full of ups and downs, along with the uncertainties the Covid-19 pandemic has brought: it’s now harder than ever to keep track of everything. With a large amount of data that people have to receive and organize everyday, we challenge you to create a product that makes the process easier, less time-consuming, and more effective for others!
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Best Finance Management Hack
Be strategic, analytical and foresee the long run.. How can you and your products help users master their finances and live more financially secure?
Bose Speaker
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Best Hack for College Students
College students are struggling in one way or another, so we’d better help them! Take the initiative and create a product that helps improve students’ college experience amidst a global pandemic that has changed their lifestyle.
Echo Dot
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Best Game Hack
Be bold, be creative, and just have fun -- we challenge you to build a game that has what it takes to rise to the top of the chart! No matter if it is a mobile game or PC game, how can you attract and connect players together through its aesthetic and technical execution?
Nintendo Switch
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Best Use of Data by MassMutual
Get creative! What data can you get your hands on to deliver a high social impact? We'll be looking at anything data related, from snappy visualizations and data sourcing, to fireproof modeling and data pipelining.
Fitbit Inspire 2
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Best Sustainability Hack by PowerAdvocate
Address a current day sustainability problem that you see in our society. Some topics may be food waste, fast fashion, mental health, and more. Be creative!
Hydroflasks for three winning teams

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Time Event
10:30am Opening Ceremony
11:00am Hacking starts!
11:30am LinkedIn Workshop
1:00pm Web Development with PowerAdvocate
2:00pm Intro to Robotics
3:00pm React Workshop with Javascript
4:00pm Expansion 101: Turning Your Idea Into A Reality
5:30pm Introduction to Machine Learning in Python with MassMutual
7:00pm Speed Run Game Development with Pico-8
8:00pm Intro to Blockchain Development
9:30pm Intro to Python
10:30pm Skribbl Game Night

Time Event
9:00am Networking Lounge with PowerAdvocate, MassMutual, Mastercard and HRT
10:30am The P(D)M Role with MassMutual
12:00pm Bingo Game
2:00pm Hacking ends!
4:00pm Closing Ceremony


An event in which participants spend a condensed period of time (usually somewhere between 24 and 36 hours) working on a project, attending workshops, networking, and generally having a good time. At the end, the participants can present what they have worked on to judges to win prizes.

Yes. Only high school seniors and students who are currently enrolled in college (or on a leave of absence) can participate in HackHolyoke.

Absolutely! We welcome everyone with a passion for learning and a can-do attitude. For people with limited or no coding experience who want to learn more, we will also have beginner-friendly workshops.

If you’re interested in hacking with us, you can register here. This year’s hackathon will be digital, so all you will need is your computer and an internet connection.

You do not need a team to participate. While we encourage people to work in teams, hackers are perfectly welcome to go solo. If you want a team, but don’t have one, yet, sign up and we will help you find a team at the start of the event!

HackHolyoke 2021 will be hosted digitally, so we will be wherever you are!

Yes! While we are based in EST, we encourage people to attend regardless of your location or time zone and we will be scheduling workshops and events to accommodate as many time zones as we can.

HackHolyoke has many ways to participate! You can be a mentor or judge for the event as well.

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